Fairy Tail (Magic Boy) Fighting on Mobile Download

Fighting is an action-packed smartphone game inspired by Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail, a well-known anime and manga series. The original publisher of Fairy Tail, Kodansha, has approved and is in charge of the game. Nearly 40 mages can be collected and customized in the game, which also has 3D graphics, stunning magic animations, and a special shield-breaking system. Therefore, you might wish to download Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting to your mobile device if you enjoy action games or Fairy Tail. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of Fairy Tail (Magic Boy) and delve into its gameplay, features, and the reasons. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Check the Compatibility of Your Device

    • Fighting is now restricted to Android devices running version 9.0 or higher in Fairy Tail (Magic Boy).
  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information to find out what version of Android is installed on your handset.
  • You can move on to the following stage if your device satisfies the requirements. If not, you might want to use a different device or upgrade yours.

Step 2: Go to Google Play Store

    • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device or visit the website on your browser.
  • Search for Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting by HONGKONG SKYMOONS INTERACTIVE CO., LIMITED or use this link to go directly to the app page.

Step 3: Install Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting

  • Tap on the Install button and wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  • You may need to grant some permissions to the app, such as access to your storage and location.

Step 4: Enjoy Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting

    • You may access the app from your home screen or app drawer once it has been installed.
    • There are numerous play modes available, including story mode, arena mode, guild mode, and more.
  • Additionally, you can amass and personalize your favorite Fairy Tail mages, like Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Grey, and others.
  • To develop your own plan and breach your adversaries’ defenses, you can combine a variety of talents and qualities.
  • In Trophy Royale, you can compete with friends and foes to win trophies and incentives.

Tips and Tricks for Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting

To make the most out of Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting, here are some tips and tricks you can use:

  • You can perform daily activities, accomplishments, events, and quests to earn extra resources and rewards.
  • Use the summoning system and the magic equipment system to unlock new mages and increase their abilities and gear.
  • You can join a guild and work with other players in guild wars and raids to improve your combat skill and rank.
  • You can experiment with many mages classes, such as Requip, Force, Velocity, Soundwave, Sleet, Guardian, Alphabet, Elixir, and Cure, to have more fun and push yourself. Each class has particular advantages and disadvantages.
  • To stay updated and connected with other players, you can follow Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also send feedback or report any issues to the support team via email.

Other Fairy Tail Games for Mobile

If you like Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting, you might also enjoy other Fairy Tail games for mobile. Here are some of them:

  • You can make your own character in the role-playing game Forces Unite and join one of the four guilds, Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, or Sabertooth. Additionally, you can participate in a variety of events and activities and engage in live voice chat conversations with other users.
  • A board game called FAIRY TAIL Dice Magic allows players to wander across a map featuring various Fairy Tail places while rolling dice. Additionally, you can acquire cards of your preferred characters and employ them in conflicts with adversaries or other players.
  • Over 300 Fairy Tail character cards can be found in the card game FAIRY TAIL Brave Guild. You can also form a team of four cards and use their skills in turn-based battles against enemies or other players.


Fighting is an action game based on the Fairy Tail anime and manga for the Magic Boy. The game was approved and controlled by Kodansha. It has shield-breaking technology, 40 mages, fantastic magic, and 3D graphics. Additionally, if you follow our instructions, you may download it on Android. Additionally, you can employ cheats and hints to raise your game. You can also check out other Fairy Tail mobile games. Enjoy yourself and defend your guild!

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